This is the preliminary list of topics that I intend to blog about, probably over the next year. There is so much information about surviving a heart attack. If you have other topics that you would like me to cover, please send a comment or an email to drj at 

X indicates the topics that have been posted.

You may not present as a heart attack to the paramedics X
What Will Happen when You reach the Hospital
Heart attack vs heart disease
Could be physical or hereditary
Anxiety & Depression X
Stents are not perfect
Prepare to Manage Your Medical Appointments X
How to Maintain a Healthy Heart
Take control of your heart policy - your life depends on it
Ask your G.P. anything
Your G.P. has the capacity to find answers for you
Questions to ask your doctors (see my list)
Talk about some meds
Organize your meds - set timers to not miss meds X
Your meds make you healthier than the next guy on the street
Sleep Apnea
Educate yourself - books, pamphlets, internet
Advice to patient
Everything is fine until it isn't X

The importance of fluid intake
Sodium can be a Killer X
Low sodium guidelines for heart failure
Sodium consumption for all ages
Stay away from processed foods - foods to avoid
The importance of weight control
If you exceed your diet numbers one day, it will affect you the next
Food recommendations
Recipe recommendations
Get help from a nutrition coach
Value of Blue Menu foods
Food values to watch (calories, sodium, cholesterol, fat)
Heartsmart cookbooks - beware of sodium values
So, you think you know heart-healthy food
Use measuring spoons as serving spoons
'Diet' doesn't have to mean bland food

The importance of exercise
Talk about the rehab track program & hands over the head
Get help from an exercise coach
Exercises (how much, which ones, re-hab, do it)
Heart needs aerobic exercise e.g. gym stick, recumbent bike
Get help from a walking partner

Your family has to understand how important a regimen is to you
Depression & Anxiety from any major illness
Keep a food and exercise diary
The importance of naps
The importance of stress
Sleep apnea
New wardrobe