Under this header, I will post material that I think will be useful to you in your recovery and new lifestyle. These include items such as news, article references, books, food, recipe sources, other websites, and so on. 
This is the official blog of The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), the first and only video journal for biological, medical, chemical and physical research indexed in PubMed.

This is the heart blog & twitter from the Cleveland Clinic
This is a good blog & twitter account from a lady in Victoria who is a Mayo Clinic-trained heart attack survivor and women's health advocate.
New York Times Well blogger
This is an excellent site with lots of information on the various aspects of heart disease, angina, heart attacks and the tests that are available.  Definitely one for you to visit and bookmark.
This site shows papers that explain various issues and research.
This is a site of a brave lady with cancer.  Survivors need to fight their illness, whichever one it is and we can all learn from others in how to conduct this fight.
This is a study that Yale is conducting on patients' recollections during the period leading up to their most recent heart attack.  The study asks questions about how you obtained medical care when you had your heart attack and questions about your medical history and social background.  The questionnaire is mostly multiple-choice and can be done very quickly (for me, it only took 16 minutes). 

This is a site by Dick Logue on low sodium food and his book about the same topic. He has free recipes here as well. He has about 500 to chose from.
Another site with low sodium recipes.
This site show recipes, usually one at a time. 
This site discusses how much salt should be in your diet and how to reduce your intake.
This blog & twitter have has excellent advice, suggestions & recipes for low sodium choices.