Friday, April 27, 2012


Even though you may watch your food intake very carefully, it’s possible, and even probable, that you will make the occasional mistake.

Yesterday, I had lunch at East Side Mario’s.  I do watch my food carefully and even have on my phone what I can eat at most of the restaurants that I frequent. However, I did not have that information with me for that restaurant, although it was on my computer back home. So, I tried to pick items that appeared safe. I chose a garden salad and seafood linguini.  What a mistake !

At the end of the day, my calories, cholesterol and total fat were all within my daily limits.  But the sodium for that day was almost three times my limit.

The fault was not with the restaurant; the food was good and the service was excellent.  The problem was with me.  I should have known what I could eat there.  When managing your health, you must be knowledgeable and vigilant.

So, why was the sodium overdose so important ?  Well, too much sodium causes you to retain fluid and increases your blood pressure.  This retention of fluid will show as puffiness and increased weight. Cardiologists recommend that, if your weight increases by more than two pounds in one day, you should see your physician soon.

The sudden increase in sodium in one meal will likely increase your weight and blood pressure, if only for a short period. But then these indicators are now somewhat inaccurate for the real state of your body.

This website has a good explanation of what is happening:

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