Saturday, November 19, 2011

Organize your Medications - Set timers to not miss meds

The medications that you are taking for the recovery from your heart attack are critical to your ongoing good health.  In most cases, the choice of drugs, the quantities and the frequency have been carefully considered by your cardiologist, taking into account the other aspects of your health.  These parameters will be checked by your pharmacist as he knows, or should know because you always use the same drugstore, what other medications you are taking. By the way, be sure to keep your pharmacist up to date when your physicians have you stop taking a drug so that they can keep your records current.

I think that, before you take any new medication, you should research it on the internet. Look for side effects, how to use the medication and any conflicts with what you are already taking.  Sometimes you will find that an error has been made. Go back to the pharmacist first and your doctor second to correct such an error.

Also check on what to do if you miss a dosage or you take too many.  Know these things before they happen.

Some of the heart meds may need to be spaced out through the day so that they don’t interact incorrectly.  Some can counteract an earlier med from the same day.

To lessen the chance of making a mistake, use pill packs to plan your medications one week at a time.  You will then not have to think at each pill-taking time and you will be much less likely to make a mistake.

I also like to use reminders with alarms.  In particular, smart phones and computers can be give you visible and audible reminders.

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